Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Letter (Valentines Day Edition)

Valentines day is where I usually get romantic and cheesy. But now I guess at in my point of my life where I'm actually contented without a partner. My life is filled with so much love with my two babies beside me. So now let me share my love for Cooper and Bubbles who owns the biggest part of my heart.

To my two lovely babies,

People may think I'm crazy for loving the both of you this much, but I do so what the hell! ^_^ You guys thought me how to love unconditionally and I always think that God gave me the both of you to serve as my anchor. There have been a lot of times where I want to quit life but looking at those two lovely faces won't that always pull me back. I know you guys still needs me and viseversa. I am a drama queen and clingy before Bubbles came into my life. During my College years I was just too busy proving the world that I'm great. But I enter young adulthood and learned that family matters. Apparently when I came home one day I realize that it's me and Bubbles left in a big empty house. I can't allow that so need to work hard and bring Cooper in to our life. Now we are a family and everyday has been filled with so much love.

There will be more Valentines Day ahead of us and I aim to include the both of you in all of it. My love, my heart and my family. Bubbles, Cooper and Yeh will be together forever. 

Mommy Yeh ^_^