Friday, January 20, 2017

Sugar the Playful Dachshund

Last April 2015, we met this cute dachshund named Chelsea and she effortlessly won our heart. Chelsea was supposed to be my brother’s dog but since they are having their first baby, we end up adopting her. Chelsea was re-named to Sugar (which perfectly fits her “sugar Rush” energy). She was born with 3 brothers, namely Coco, Joey and Ram. They are puppies from my College professor and good friend Mam Nuy.

Sugar is the first pup that I’ll be shared parenting with my partner and it was fun to think that she’s our child. Her everyday antics are just precious. We remember her to be shy at first but ended up being extra playful. She already destroyed all her toys which is normal for puppies. Bubbles and Cooper was a little awkward with her at first. Sugar is the first dog that gets to share their home with and jealousy stepped in.  But they ended up accepting her in their own little pack though Bubbles didn’t really like her that much. Cooper on the other hand is just the best big brother ever!

We just celebrated Sugar’s birthday last weekend and truly she has been a great addition to our small family. A kid full of love, positivity and just genuinely happy. Her hobby is to jump high and play with her chew toys. She has this special trick where she pretends she’s swimming when you hold her high. Sugar loves her mommy Rox so much and her favorite part of the day is where she can spend time with her.

Having Sugar is just pure joy and we are looking forward to share more of her adventure with Bubbles and Cooper. Truly, they are the best Dachshund pack ever (I’m a bias).