Monday, November 5, 2012

Longest Time Away

It's been two weeks and 2 days now since I left for Australia. the longest time I had to be away from my two  furbabies. I did made this life changing decision for me and now paying price for it. I came here in Australia for two reason: help out with the baby and try to see if there's a career for me here. Apparently both have been a difficult path for me since I was left with limited options. Now I know that finding a job for me here is not so difficult but the problem is that I'm not a citizen, resident or even a student here. Then the next problem is that I don't really have time to look for a job because my daily routine has been; baby, sleep, eat, few hours internet and sleep. I have to admit the situation is driving me crazy and my fur babies are not here for my comfort. I usually come home stress and see Bubbles and Cooper then I'll be okay. Now all I have is a big teddy to tuck in and cry with every night.

Now I'm counting down the days where I can get back home. 10 weeks and 5 days to go and everything will be okay again. Will start all over with my career but atleast I have my babies with me. Also I can go with my own rules and go on with my own life. Looking forward to see my furbabies and make up for the Christmas season we missed...