Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Name is Bubbles

Bubbles a 7kg miniature dachshund that field with love. Born last June 16, 2009 with choco and golden brown fur. She may look little but her spirit is filled with love for her forever family. She came in to our lives before my family completely fell apart. Personally it never crossed my mind to adopt a dog but I can never say no when she arrived.  I can still remember the first time we saw each other. Bubbles was so little and looks confused outside my window. It was love at first sight for me and as time passes by my love for her grow deeper.  Me and my sister love this little girl so much... I think she came in our life unexpected but the time we needed her the most.

Bubbles always had a innocent look in her eyes and very pure soul. You can tell that she love each member of the family so much and she never goes to sleep until we are complete. A precious dog she really is and very smart. We do our best to protect and take good care of her. I remember being excited to go home for the first time after days of staying in my aunts place due to my schooling. Home was never our comfort place but everything changed because of Bubbles. 

She is a playful puppy and her energy never fails to lights up the room. With her toys and sweetness she'll surely make your day happy. 

But life is about to change for her and it took her happy energy away. She love's my sister more than anything and her first heart break was when my mom and sister moved out. I came home only to find that Bubbles is all I got left and viseversa. The worse came where my sister officially said goodby to her since she'll be going abroad. I saw how Bubbles was badly hurt and slowly we lost our family. Telling this story never failed to make me cry because then I know we only have each other. I promised her then that we'll stay together always.

Her heart was broken over and over that time and I feel it too. I wanted to protect her and make her happy again. It was not easy then because I just graduated from College and need to go to work. My heart breaks whenever I see her not eating and just looking out the window. 

That's when I decided to add a new member to our small family...
Just when I thought that Bubbles is the last dog I'll love this much, Cooper proved me wrong.
Cooper made Bubbles a little happier and she bully him a lot. But I know deep inside, Bubbles found a companion in Cooper.

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