Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dental Care for the Two Furry Babies

Normal day here in our home when I noticed Bubbles teeth turning yellow. I am actually guilty of this because of they lack on dental care. It was actually 3 years ago when I stopped brushing her teeth and Cooper never experienced his teeth being cleaned. So now it is my goal to make this a daily habit for them because cavities are just around the corner. I was browsing pictures in the internet about dog teeth cavities and it looks really bad.

Here's a video on how you can clean you fur babies teeth:

So what do you need for your dog's dental kit?

1) Dual Head Toothbrush : cost- Php 35 - Php 50

2) Toothpaste for Dogs : cost- Php 290- Php 500 (depends on the brand)

3) Breath Spray : cost- Php 390  (helps control plaques build up that leads to healthier teeth.)

So let's keep our fur babies teeth clean and healthy. Remember that they are our responsibilities and it's a blessing to have them in our lives. People may think that we are doing too much for our babies but in reality they deserve all of it. As my good friend Joshua from Twitter says "There's no such thing as spoiled dogs, they are just loved." If people thinks your a nutcase just because you have the capacity to love too much then I pity them for not experiencing this type of love. My family and friends already gave me this "your crazy" kind of look and I really don't care. I love Cooper and Bubbles and promise to protect and care for them the best way I know how.

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