Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cooper the Sweet Doxie

Cooper is my little boy and he is filled with too much love. He is a burst of sunshine when ever I saw his cute and loving face. It was a good life with Bubbles but it got even better when Cooper came along.

He came along with a lot of energy and a very big belly. ^_^ I can still remember the day me and Bubbles fetch him it was a very funny day. Some puppies feels scared or quiet for the first time of meeting but this little boy is different. Cooper jumped around the car and finally stopped when I let him stay in the steering wheel.

It was not an easy thing for Bubbles to accept Cooper in the family. She was the baby in our home for 2 years and suddenly I brought in Cooper to keep her company when I'm at work. Bubbles was very hesitant about Cooper at first well until now she loves to bully him. They have a very sweet and funny relationship through out the years. 

Bubbles never shows it always but we know that she loves Cooper so much too. Regardless off his extreme energy and funny accidents. Cooper grew up with the biggest heart and he looks at us with so much love. 

He is my love and everyday with him is filled with love and laughter. I will always feel blessed  having Cooper and Bubbles in my life.  

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