Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chaotic Swimming Lesson with the Fur Babies

We all had that moment when we were younger and still close to our parents. You go out of town with them and your father teaches you how to swim. I can never figure out then why my Dad always lets me go in a pool as he tries to teach me how to swim (which I never really learned totally). But now that I have my fur babies and has no plans of having any kid in the future, made me think it's time for them to take their swimming lesson too. ^_^

Ofcourse, I've plan this since last summer but was to thrifty to get an actual mini pool. I was looking for something with good quality but on a bargain price and never found one that fits the bill. I was on a strict budget then and to think that I have an actual job a year ago. Now that I am bum, this is the time that I chose to spend some more for my fur babies. Got a pool twice the size that I've planned and not on SALE. Not the typical cheap version of me but well gotta spoiled them sometimes.

But ofcourse, I realized that my fur babies would have prefer treats over the mini-pool I got them. As you can see in this photo, they don't look happy about it. lol

Look at how Cooper is so problematic on the side of this photo. He super hates the water and doesn't know how to swim. I'm sure of that because one time at my Dads Farm, Bubbles jumps in to the water system as Cooper followed her. I made my cousin jump to get them because Cooper was struggling to swim.

So the day after I bought the pool, we gave it a test run due to the 1 week warranty for an exchange if it has a leak. I throw in Bubbles first and she was really surprise but got to swim on her own. I did plan to take videos and photos but when I included Cooper in the pool that's where things got crazy. ^_^ He was so afraid that they both ended up dragging me to the pool. I can't get up since they are both hanging on to me like monkeys. So goodbye to my plan of taking photos and videos. Slowly Cooper stop going crazy over the water and I finally get to give him few lessons. I hold him as he paddle, the same way that was did to me when I was young. He was paddling as if he'll drown and it was too funny. 

It was a chaotic first day of swimming lessons for my fur babies but I'm looking forward for our next try. Got to take 4 photos before I took of the water from the pool and I'm really proud of my babies. Good first try, specially for the scared Cooper. Bubbles was swimming like a professional so the focus of the lesson is more for Cooper. ^_^

They look super cute right!? Well till our next swimming lesson and hopefully we'll have videos. 

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