Monday, February 3, 2014

The "Fur Baby" Dream

Ever since I was young, I'm already inlove with animals. From Dogs, Cats, Mice, Lizards, Fishes, Birds and even owned a Lobster. If I could turn back the hands of time for sure I'll take up Veterinary as a career. But since I can't, might as well do something that is still related to animals. My two fur babies has been my inspiration with this new passion project of mine. Bubbles and Cooper loves to dress up and I'm not exaggerating on this. They really get excited whenever I get their outfits from their mini dresser. I think this is because they associated it with going out or the attention that they get wearing those dresses. 

Since buying pet apparels is really costly and there are very limited designs too choose from, the crafty side of me had a bright idea. "Why not make my own pet apparels!" First I researched about it and watch some tutorials in YouTube. When I finished one top for Cooper it was really poorly made. That's why I decided to learn how to make the patterns for pet clothes. It actually gave me an idea to try out a dog apparel line since it is not that costly to produce one. So I met up with a good friend of mine who knows how to use the sewing machine and that's where Fur Babies Apparels was born. 

From planning, everything was coming true bit by bit. We got the fabrics then I started making the fabric patterns and now my partner is sewing everything. We'll be launching our first collection this summer and everything was inspired from my two lovely doxies. 

Some people thinks I'm crazy and never had faith that this venture will work out. Well I just said to myself that this will all just be for the fun of it. If we get lucky then I will be so grateful and will surely donate some of the profit to organizations who helps animals. If things don't work out, well I can still donate it to PAWS or CARA then I can say to myself that I gave it a try. Plus my babies will have loads of outfit to wear. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and faith alive for this passion project of mine. Because this is my fur baby dream. ^_^

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